We design financial, accounting, and economic solutions

Economic Consulting

Macroeconomic Studies and Analysis

Service of national and international economic analysis and research at an aggregate level and with the specificity that clients require. Identification of economic, financial, climate, and political risk scenarios, among others. Development of specific economic studies, thematic studies, and market studies of interest necessary for decision-making processes of companies

Economic and financial projections

Statistical analysis and projections of variables of interest for companies, including sales and their determinants, commodity prices, local and international macroeconomic figures, interest rates, exchange rates, among others

Strategic communication on economic issues

Based on technical studies and analysis, provide support to national and international companies in the public communication of topics of high interest to them, related for example, to regulatory changes, productive development, investments, new markets and other topics with public implications that require technical, objective, and high-level communication

Public policies

Analysis, evaluation, and proposals for public policies. Advising governments and multinational companies in areas that include fiscal policy, institutional strengthening, and the analysis and proposals of public policies with impacts on companies

Litigation and arbitration

Participation in various types of litigation that require high-standard economic and financial analysis and reports. These include competition, international trade, environmental litigation, estimation of the effects of regulatory changes, and evaluation of potential damages, among others