About Us

We specialize in the valuation of companies and financial assets and derivatives, providing independent and expert opinions.

Experience, technical quality, and closeness.

Valtin Consulting has extensive experience in Chile and abroad, advising more than a hundred companies in their financial and accounting needs.

Our services are characterized by a strong technical support, accompanied by closeness and understanding of our clients’ needs.


Javier Vergara

Founder Partner

Hermann González


Advisory Board

Isabel M. Bravo

Advisor Valtin Consulting

Antonio Gil

Advisor Valtin Consulting

Marco A. Zaldivar

Advisor Valtin Consulting


Morin Vera

Valuation Director

Gianfranco Marchelli

Risk Consulting Manager

Nayiri Kabojian

Senior Analyst and IAS 19 Leader

Juan Pablo Leiva

Senior Analyst

Cristóbal Galán

Senior Analyst

Ricardo Mieres


Fernanda Avillo